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Welcome to the Carroll family website!

08/19/2006 - Added a page for the 2006 Three Stooges US Hang Gliding Tour.
09/10/2005 - Recently added an actual blog. I'm hoping to write something at a rate of about twice a week. So far there isn't much but take a look.
01/31/2005 - This site is now in need of a redesign. I'm not sure when I'll get to it but for now I'll be adding links from the front page to some of the new things being added to the site.
07/24/2004 - Added a previously written article on the DMCA and a commentary on Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code." Also added pictures of our new Toyota Prius
07/05/2004 - Added a section for Jim's June 2004 trip to Albequerque New Mexico
06/13/2004 - Added some pictures of our Memorial day camping/ Hang Gliding trip.
06/12/2004 - We just got back from Connecticut where we went to visit John and Kelly (the best man at our wedding and his wife) who was in town for a short time. Here are the pictures.
06/04/2004 - Added some old hang gliding movie footage from '92 of me being attacked by a hawk while flying at Ellenville, NY
05/16/2004 - Our car died on Thursday. On Friday we decidede that if we could find a minivan for a certain price with about 50,000 miles on it, then we'd buy it. Ginger found the car with the first phone call. Here are the pictures so that everyone can see that it was clean once. We also added some pictures of flying today (which was a beautiful day).
05/09/2004 - I'm planning to go to New Mexico with a couple of hand gliding friends. Back in 1995 we (then only Ginger, Joshua and myself) traveled around the country. I flew off of Sandia mountain which towers 5000 feet above Albuquerque for the most memorable flight I've ever had. Ever since then I've always wanted to go back and now I'll finally be doing it. Here is some movie footage (~8 megs) from this flight.
My sister Denise is getting married. They are still working out the details but we are looking forward to seeing her (and meeting this guy who thinks he's good enough for my sister).
Because of my horrendous mechanical ability, I've just about given up on automating the feeding of film in my super-8 project (see my pages for the details). If someone wants to help PLEASE send me an email. Otherwise I'm simply going to do it by hand.

Some of the more recent additions/changes on the site include:

    I've added a page for my 2006 hang gliding trip out west. If I'm lucky this will continue to be, at least, a biannual event. Take a look at the 2006 Three Stooges US Hang Gliding Tour

    I've added a blog to the site in order to try to encourage myself to write more. So far there is only a couple of articles but if you want a narrative of how to blow a launch hang gliding then go and take a look.

    I released the source code for my Legacy Film To DVD Project for any software developers with image processing and computer vision skills that have old Super-8 and Regular-8 mm film lying around that they want to convert to a digital format and are interested contributing to the project (that is, if either of you find your way to this site) on

    Ginger and I attended a Rik Emmett show in Philadelphia and I wrote it up. You can find the writeup, with pictures from the show, here: Rik Emmett in Philadelphia, November 2004

    I finally got my Super-8/Regular 8mm film project working end to end. If you are interested, take a look at my here: Legacy Film To DVD Project

We must apologize up front. Since we are bereft of both artistic talent as well as good graphics tools, this site is rather simple (as you can see). Since most of the people visiting this site will be family trying to get a look at pictures of the kids, they can be found under the Family Pages section of the website.

For several years now Jim has been engaged in various email debates on the Internet. The topics have ranged widely. Since he seems to be rather full of opinions (or should I say simply, “full of it.”) he has begun to take some of those debates and reduce them to essays which can be found in his section (though, why anyone would care to read them is another question).

Also, since he has been flying hang gliders since 1991 and has had a motorized harness for his hang glider since 2001, there are several series photographs of hang gliding in his section also.

Please send comments to us either by email or by signing our guest book using one of the links below:

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