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Since 1991 I have been flying hang gliders for fun. In 2001 I got a Mosquito motorized harness. Below are links to a few of the days I took a camera along with me.


Older Hang Gliding Photos

Movie of flying Sandia in 1995 (~8 meg)

Mosquito photos from our 2001 annual party

Flying my Mosquito in May of 2002

Flying Elizabethville in July, 2003

Flying 'The Sac' (Nov. 2003)

Another day around the neighborhood 05/16/2004

Trip to Sandia 06/2004

Trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming 07/2006

Side Projects

I have recently been trying to convert old Super-8/Regular 8mm movie film (NOT video tape) to DVD. The following page, though incomplete, is a detailed accounting of this project to date. I am still working on it and if anyone has questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.


Movie Film conversion project


I have recently began a blog so the writings below will eventually be moved there. Eventually this may end up being the main family site but for now these links will remain here (though now moved to the bottom of the page).

I am a Reformed Protestant Christian with a Roman Catholic background. For several years now I have been interested in philosophy and theology. My favorite writers in this area include: Alvin Plantinga, Cornelius Van Til (or, since he is virtually unreadable, Greg Bahnsen), and Gordon Clark. More recently I have had several friends convert to Catholicism and have since been studying the arguments of various Catholic apologists. Most of my writing in this area is a result of posts to various lists. The following is a list of articles that will be expanded as I have time. They are currently a bit obscure and esoteric (specifically the articles on Catholicism) though I hope to expand them into a more understandalbe series of polemical writings for the three of you that might be intereseted.

Also, I've always wanted to write science fiction (which I read between various Philosophical and Theological works) and have had a few ideas for a while. I even started a story once and though I'm sure I'll have to twist people's arms to read it, it should end up here sooner or later. Of course, I could never hope to come close to the skills of that master storyteller, J. Michael Straczynski. Though his novels don't seem to be top notch, what he did with the TV series Babylon 5 was so unique and ground breaking, he deserves to be ranked with the sci-fi greats of the century. Anyone that thinks Babylon 5 is just another rip-off of Star Trek has not seen it enough. It is unique in that the entire series is essentially a single massive story, whose five year plot arch was planned from the beginning and executed nearly flawlessly.



Introduction to the essays on Catholicism

An Essay on the 'Apocrypha'

'The Rule of Faith' and 'Holy Tradition' in the Early Church Fathers


Musings on Neil Postman's "Amusing ourselves to death"


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