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The short story of our family

Wow, what do i write that most of you don't already know. Lets start with what you do know, Jim and Ginger were married on April 6th, 1991. We have lived in Pennsylvania ever since except for a few months in Manhattan and 9 months in Memphis, TN. Soon after living in Memphis we had our first son, Joshua, he was born on August 30, 1994, an absolutely beautiful baby. In June of 1995 the 3 of us drove cross country for the whole month. On May 3rd, 1996 we had our second son, Daniel, he, as you expect was beautiful too!! We hadn't decided to have another baby, God did that for us and blessed us with Lukas on May 2nd, 1998. He was just as beautiful as his brothers. That is where their similarities end, however. Joshua takes karate and loves to play ultimate frisbee, Danny loves to play soccer and Lukas is a natural t-ball player. They are all good natured and love each other very much. We started home schooling Josh for first grade and he did very well. Danny and Lukas both have always been home schooled. We found the perfect private school for Josh for fourth grade, The American Academy in Bryn Mawr, PA. He has a small class, only 4 boys total, and has excelled in his studies, he is a natural at learning Latin and loves to fence, too. Danny has just finished 2nd grade and has one more year home with mom and then he will be entering school too. Lukas is finishing kindergarten and has learned to read and do math.

Jim and Ginger are currently deciding what to do for early retirement, and are pursuing an interest in running a bed and breakfast at that time. There is a lot to learn on the subject and so they have signed up for a seminar in Vermont on how to purchase and run a B&B. Very exciting time!


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