Sunday, we went hiking. Mom didn’t go because she felt sick. Only Dad, Danny Lukas and I went, and it was supposed to rain. We hiked up Gorham Mountain, down a little bit, and then up the Beehive. The Beehive trail is a short but incredible hike. You go up the side of the mountain on iron rungs and metal ladders. My Dad got really scared and it wasn’t that scary. Then, we went down the other side of the Beehive along the Bowl Trail to the Bowl. The Bowl is a round lake. We passed the Bowl and hiked up Mount Champlain. We went up, then down Mount Champlain. We were a little tired so we hiked to the North side of the Tarn, which is a small lake. Then, we drove into Bar Harbor and got some Ice Cream at “CJ’s Big Dipper.” After we finished our Ice Cream, we stopped back at the RV. Mom, Dad, and Danny went back into town for dinner, but Lukas and I stayed behind at the RV. The map below is the route we took hiking, the route is highlighted in blue. We started at the bottom and worked our way Northward.

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Otter Cliffs area overlooking a rather far drop Hicking up the trale View from the top of Gorham Mountain Looking up at "The Bee Hive" The view from "The Bee Hive" Hiking around "The Bowl" Looking back at "The Bowl" Clouds over the islands - from the Champlain Mountain Trail The top of Champlain Mountain Looking down on The Tarn from Beachcroft path