Crab in Lukas’ hand

We arrive at the camp ground at about 8 o’clock on Saturday afternoon and set up camp.  It is low tide and Lukas and I go to the beach and look for sea creatures in the deposits that were left after high tide.  We sometimes caught some.  There were crabs, fish, star fish, and lots of snails.

We go to Bar Harbor a few hours after we arrived and look for something to eat.  We eat in a restaurant called Gettys (pronounced jetty) After we have eaten the overpriced meal we look around Bar Harbor and go into some shops.  We talk to people about Sea Kayak tours and find places to rent bikes.

We go back to the RV and make our plans for the week ahead.  We decide to hike the next day and make no other decisions about our week.  As we prepare to sleep we listen to the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.