I’ve been thinking about my next post. I’m not sure what exactly to write about. It’s not for lack of topics (e.g. I think the editors of the NY Times and the LA Times ought to be brought up on treason charges even though I’ve been a conservative opponent of the war from the beginning).

Dinosaur CO

In any case it’s been too long since I’ve gotten some good air time so tomorrow I’ll be off to Highland Aerosports in Ridgley MD (the site of this year’s East Coast Championship) for some practice towing and approaching in preparation for an upcoming trip out west. (See some great pictures from my previous trip out west here). The plan is for flying in Utah (Salt Lake City area), Colorado (Dinosaur), Idaho (King Mountain), and Jackson Hole Wyoming. They are apparently closing down the mountain tram at Jackson Hole after this season so this will be the last opportunity to fly from the peaks there.