A friend recently posted the comment:

To answer your humorous broadside against “liberals” (that perjorative is so 80’s; you really must use “progressives today), I’d simply submit the obvious:

Conservatives emphasize “me”; Progressives emphasize “we”. I’d rather be in the latter camp rather than the first.

I thought I would make my response as a post rather than simply a comment. Keep in mind this is a “Rant.” … :-)

This not only NOT “obvious,” it’s clearly false. “Progressives” cloak their selfishness in the guise of compassion. Never a more selfish phrase was uttered than “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need;” pious sounding words used as an excuse to take from those that can for the selfish gain of those that don’t (i.e. “progressives”).

As an example of twisted “progressive” reasoning, progressives will look at conservative attempts to dismantle welfare as “selfish” even though government run welfare systems are probably one of the best ways to perpetuate a permanent poor underclass.

Progressive “compassion” creates enormous harm. From perpetuating racism, to destroying progress, to creating mass starvation, to creating a permanent underclass, to mass murder – “progressive” ideas of “we” encapsulated in their conception of “equality” and “fairness” are responsible for more death and destruction than is even imaginable, while the “conservative” emphasis on accountability, the free market, charity, and real compassion founded on reason and an accurate understanding of human nature is the only reason there is any “progress.”

As a term, “progressive” is about as Orwellian as “liberal” when applied to the group of people it’s intended to label. “Liberal” is from the Latin root for “free” or “freedom.” The application to those it now refers forces those who are “liberals” in the true and original sense of the word (such as myself) to adopt bastardizations like “libertarian.” It is not the word that makes it a pejorative but the referent. Soon enough “progressive” will have the same connotation since the referent is the same.