About a year ago I began wondering when GM would go out of business. The clearly inept management that put all of its eggs in “cheap gas forever” basket, along with repeated concessions to the auto workers unions, and finally the fact that one of the company’s most (if not only) profitable divisions is its financing arm, has lead to the VERY predictable situation they find themselves in now; that of laying off about 30,000 employees as they teeter on the verge of bankruptcy. The question is, how long will it take for the Republican’s to open our wallets for more corporate welfare in the form of another bail out?

GM should go bankrupt. The free market provides strong incentive to produce products that the pubic wants at a price they will pay while competing with others trying to do the same thing. That incentive comes in the form of the potential for extinction. It should be obvious that the best thing for the automobile industry, as well as the public, is to allow this incentive to remain as strong as possible. Any bailout, no matter how small, would serve only to erode it.