It’s been a while since I published an outright political post but something has been developing in Venezuela that I’m finding it difficult not to write something about. In discussions with friends of the leftist bent I’ve always suggested that the best course of action that the US should take in dealing with Venezuela is simply to ignore them. Of course, coming from me this isn’t surprising since “leave them friggin’ alone” is pretty much the summation of my foreign policy anyway. However, in the case of Venezuela, I’ve always added the fact that Chavez’s socialism will cause the country to implode without any outside interference.

While I always expected to be proven right, as it begins to happen I’m distraught because I know what it means. The plain and simple fact is, like all socialists, Chavez is an ignorant fool whose policies are likely to cause the pain, suffering, and death of many of his people. Just like under Stalin, when price controls destroyed the incentive among farmers in the fertile Ukraine to actually produce food, they simply stopped doing it, and (at least) 20 million starved. Ignorant that he’s repeating history Chavez simply charges ahead and blames the farmers themselves providing yet another reason for them to simply stop.

Of course, given the denial of objective reality required to maintain a socialist outlook, the left will problably claim my sources are biased. We all know how right wing the BBC must be in this article which points out shortages in some non essentials, and the AP in this article which describes how bad food shortages are becoming.

Keep this in mind as Hillary pushes her socialized medicine scheme. After all, if the left can claim that “health care is a right,” how much MORE can they claim that eating is?