Since I’m going to be making an XBox Media Center for my Dad, I’m going to post the next steps in the XBox modification instructions during that process.

In the meantime, the fella’s over at doom9 have apparently just taken the first steps, and made the first real progress in cracking AACS – the scheme used to protect the content of the new HD-DVD (and also Blu-Ray) movies.

This story has only developed over the last few weeks but started with this post on the doom9 forum from “Muslix64.” Despite the skepticism, major media outlets (Reuters, etc. – actually, just google “Muslix64“) soon published stories about it. As if that wasn’t enough, Warner Bros (wrongly – of course) forced YouTube to remove the video Muslix64 released along with the source code for his hack (which has already seen several modifications).

But the proof is in; he (or she) has actually done it and a list of AACS cracked “Volume Keys” for different titles is growing on this forum post. AACS has mechanisms in place meant to limit the damage from the type of cracking that was done. Now it will remains to be seen whether or not they’re any good.

My money is on the hackers. :-)