When I was a kid of twelve (or so), I discovered that my dad’s super-8 movie camera could make movies one frame at a time. For a few weeks my friends and I had a lot of fun experimenting with stop-motion animation. I wish I could find those old films but they seem to have disappeared.

More recently (much more recently, actually) I developed a scheme for converting old movie film to DVD using a flatbed scanner. It still needs some refinement and a better scanner, but one of the more useful applications that born of this effort was a program that converts a series of images into a playable movie (for anyone that’s interested, the source code is in the Source Forge project, Legacy Film To DVD Project.

So now my kids decided they wanted to try their hand at stop motion movies and claymation. Instead of using an old super-8 movie camera where you only get one shot (unless you want to reorganize the frames with a splicer), they used a digital camera and my software (and a little but of help with the software).

Josh’s first claymation Danny’s Claymation
“Jim” is the name of Danny’s character


A friend of mine pointed me to “Tony vs. Paul;” an absolutely amazing stop motion video hosted on YouTube:

Tony Vs. Paul – This one is not ours


After playing with these claymations, and being inspired by the above, we gave it a shot. Here is a crazy laundry basket eating my entire family :-) :

Hungry Landary Basket


Lukas’ first claymation

And finally, with a little help from all of us, Lukas (currently eight) made his claymation.